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Who am I?

Welcome to the colourful pages of NoccoNocco! Where the hot stuff turns into cool stuff.
I am Sinem, a self-taught glass artist from Greece. All my creations come to life in my home studio which is located in a seaside town called Akrata, where I am a mother to a little munchkin during the day and a glassmaker during the night.
I have given my heart to the magic of glass more than a decade ago when I encountered the art of glass for the first time. After a lot of research and self-education, I put together my first set-up in 2009 to practice this, one of the most ancient arts of human history! And ever since my life is entwined with glass, my skills are developing further and my workshop is growing larger! 
I have been selling my art online on different platforms for several years but I finally decided to make my own site. The range of my creations is wide -because I easily get bored if I stick to one kind of work-, yet marbles and space themed pieces are my personal favourites. 
As a person who likes to visit museums, I was even more enthused when I noticed that after I became a glass maker myself, I could understand the glass artefacts that I stumbled upon better and even picture in my mind how they were made and what techniques were used. That establishes a unique connection between you and the past, even better to put it, between you and another artist who lived centuries ago… That feeling keeps inspiring me. I dare to think, centuries from now, one of my creations would defy time itself just like those artefacts.
I hope that you enjoy my art browsing through the site!​
Hello! Feel free to ask if you have any questions.