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Privacy Policy

1.Personal Data Protection Policy

In order to browse through www.nocconocco.com no user registration or registration of personal information is required.

When ordering products through www.nocconocco.com users are asked to enter the following personal data concerning solely themselves: name, telephone, fax, e-mail and postal address. The aforementioned information, which is not disclosed to third parties, is limited to the amount of information that is absolutely necessary for the provision of Nocco Nocco’s services and for the prompt delivery of its products and is used by Nocco Nocco exclusively for this purpose in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 and 3471/2006 as they apply every time.

As regards purchases made by credit card payment, details of users’ credit cards are filled in directly to a secure banking institution link and are not registered or stored in any way.

The person responsible for processing the personal data gathered in the above manner and for maintaining the archive held for the aforementioned purposes is the owner of Nocco Nocco, i.e. Sinem Spiliotopoulos, whose contact details are mentioned in the beginning of the Terms & Conditions.

Users of www.nocconocco.com, according to Law 2472/1997, have the following rights:

A. Right to Information

The controller, when collecting personal data shall inform users in an appropriate and clear manner at least about the following:

  1. His/her identity and the identity of his/her representative
  2. The purpose of the processing
  3. Recipients or categories of recipients of the data
  4. The existence of the right of access

B. Right of Access

Every user has the right to be informed in writing if the personal data concerning him / her are being processed or have been processed and to obtain from the controller, without delay and in a clear and understandable way, the following information:

1.   All the personal data concerning him/her and their origin.

2.   The purposes of the processing, recipients or categories of recipients

3.   The progress of the processing for the period since the former update or the disclosure of information.

4.   The scope and the logic of any automated processing of personal data.

5.   Where appropriate, the correction, deletion or blocking of data, the processing of which does not comply with the provisions of Law 2472/1997, in particular, due to the incomplete or inaccurate nature of the data

6.   Notification to third parties to whom the data have been disclosed of any correction, erasure or blocking (s) performed in accordance with para. (v) if this is not impossible or does not involve disproportionate efforts.

The right of access can be exercised by the data subject and with the assistance of a professional.

The right of access as well as the right of opposition shall be exercised by submitting the relevant application to the controller and at the same time by payment of an amount of money, as settled by the relevant decision of the Greek Data Protection Authority. This amount shall be reimbursed to the applicant if the request for correction or deletion of the data is found to be valid either by the controller or by the Authority in case the subject had filed an appeal. In this case, the person responsible for the subject’s personal data shall be required to provide the applicant without delay, free of charge and in a comprehensible language, with a copy of the corrected part of the data processing that concerns him/her.

If the controller does not respond within fifteen (15) days or if his response is unsatisfactory, the data subject is entitled to appeal to the Authority. In the event that the controller refuses to meet the request of the interested party, he shall communicate his reply to the Authority and inform the person concerned that he or she may appeal to the Authority.

C. Right of Objection

The data subject may at any time object to the processing of data relating to him/her. Objections are addressed in writing to the controller and must contain a request for carrying out a specific action, such as correction, temporary non-utilization, commitment, non-transmission or deletion. The controller has the obligation to respond in writing to the objections within a fifteen (15) days’ exclusive deadlines. Within this reply, he/she shall inform the data subject of the action he/she has taken or, where appropriate, of the reasons for not responding to the request. The response in case of rejecting an objection must also be notified to the Authority.

If the controller does not respond within the time-limit or his response is unsatisfactory, the data subject shall have the right to appeal to the Authority and request that his/her objections be examined. If the Authority suspects that the objections are reasonable and there is a risk of serious harm to the subject from the continuation of the processing, it may require the immediate suspension of processing until it has taken a final decision on the objections.

Everyone has the right to declare to the Authority that he/she desires his/her personal data not to be processed by anyone, for the purpose of promoting the sale of goods or the provision of services from a distance. The Authority keeps a record of the identity of these persons. The controllers of the respective archives are required to consult the registry before each processing and to delete the persons in this registry from their records.

Adherence to the aforementioned procedure which is prescribed by law, is a prerequisite for taking any further action before any public or judicial authority on issues related to the protection of users’ personal data.

2.Management of Complaints

For any problem or complaint that may arise with regard to the use of the www.nocconocco.com website or the services provided by it as well as for any other matter concerning Nocco Nocco, consumers may contact Nocco Nocco at working hours and days (except Saturdays and Sundays), in the above contact details, for the immediate settlement of such problem or complaint.

3.Applicable law and competence


For any dispute arising from the use of www.nocconocco.com and the services provided through it, applicable is the Greek law and the courts of Patras, Greece are competent.

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