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Glass Dip Pen filled with crushed opal and colorful glass pieces, and a galaxy marble on top, v041


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A glass dip pen, 1 glass pen pillow, and a bottle of ink (Optional. You can choose from drop-down menu.). It is made of borosilicate (hard) glass which is more durable. Its body is hollow and filled with crushed opal and colorful glass pieces swimming in liquid. On top of the pen, there is a galaxy with an opal planet.
Each pen's nib is carefully sanded to perfection to offer the best writing experience from all angles and checked before shipping. All my pens are one of a kind and ready to ship. I do not remake the pens a second time but you can order them in similar or different colors.

You can use the pen with any kind of ink and paint. Once it is dipped, the ink will be held by the grooves and allow you to write without dripping. Once you are finished using the pen, clean it with water and dry it with a soft cloth.


-The pen is 14 cm long and 12.6 mm thick.

-The pen pillow is 3.30 cm in diameter.

-The galaxy on top is 16.5 mm in diameter.

-The ink is 15 ml black.


Borosilicate glass.

Colors used for the piece

Clear, shimmering black, silver fuming inside the galaxy.


The OPAL is a 2 mm sphere and it flashes yellow, orange, green, and blue according to the angle of light.


-For quality, strength, and durability, all my handmade creations are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.

-For the best final look, they are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any possible faults before they are all put together.

-Every piece you see on my site is made by me, in my home studio, located in Akrata, Greece.

-Please keep in mind that these are made of glass so should be handled carefully.

-Please check the size information of the piece you wish to buy.

Should you need more information or have questions, please feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to help. 

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